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October 22, 2008



Ok, I just found your blog off of Melissa Fullmer's, and have to say, this post is tops today! You can't beat a post about refridgerator balls!
Now I'm off to check out your amazing photography! Good luck with the balls.

Ann Gordon

You are sooo funny!! I am sorry, I laughed out loud reading your plight! I am sorry you are having "issues" with your beautiful LG fridge!


OMG - FREAKING HILARIOUS! Hope you are good girl! Didn't realize you have 5 KIDS! Wow!!!

Love the balls on your fridge story. :)



omgosh I would be so mad, that nice of a fridge and that happens to you, ughh! I would freak out too!



Your new professional website is absolutely AWESOME!

It shows off your talent very well.


Oh, gawd, sweetie...you are so freakin' funny.

You should collect some of your stuff into a book. Or at least an article!

Aside from being the world's best mom and world's best baby/maternity photog you also rate tops as a comedian.



Sarah Wheeler

Oh my goodness, I am laughing by butt off. The balls... LOL! That totally stinks about your fridge though. We had a microwave last year that caught on fire. No fun :(

Lisa W

Ha ha ha!!! Anya...that was so funny. I almost spit my drink out reading this. My fridge conked out for no apparent reason less than a year ago and it totally did STINK!
(But I do know MY balls weren't burning!!)

Totally frustrating..
Good luck...

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